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I deleted my old alimehraban one and made a new account for it. 

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Anonymous asked:
Can you recommend a good, cheapish fisheye?

Rokinon 8mm would be your best bet. You can find them used for pretty good prices. I’ve seen some from $150 and up. 

Anonymous asked:
what would you use a 50mm lens for when shooting downhill?

You can use it in a lot of ways. You could fill the frame with the skater or pull back and get some more scenery in there, or you could just go in the middle. It’s just a kind of standard size. If you’re shooting on a crop sensor it might be a little tight shooting from the sidelines sometimes, but you can make due. 

This was shot on a 50mm on a 7D.

And this is an old shot from farther back.

Hopefully that helps a little. 

I’m glad people are asking questions by the way!